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  • Bernadette Franco

    Bernadette Franco

    I was introduced to the AGA in 1995 and developed a deep love for the AGA and its unique way of cooking. I have worked in the kitchens of many fine restaurants, but finding the AGA was a blessing that has changed my focus due to its special opportunities for cooking. My hope is to help fulfill AGA owners' culinary desires.


    AGA Cleanings: $275.00
    Power Vent: $50.00 extra
    Travel: $.45 per mile.
    Cleaning time 3 – 4 hours, any time over this is $50 more per hour.

    Companion:$75 extra

    Contact Info

    Email for further details and to set up an appointment
    Home: 704-834-9692
    Cell: 704-634-1549

    I offer personal private cooking classes. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

  • Katherine Vest

    We adore Katherine Vest’s Aga story! Katherine has always been an avid cook and, with a growing family, adores the ease of the Aga. (She currently has a 3 year old daughter and twin boys 10 months old!)

    She first came in contact with the Aga when friend and neighbor Chrissie Hughes, owner of Aga Thyme, invited her to see a demonstration. Katherine immediately fell head over heels in love with the Aga and was determined to have one in her home.

    She worked in the shop for 2 years putting the money towards her Aga. The same year she was hoping to finish working for her Aga she received word she was able to adopt a baby. While away to Florida to pick up her new family member, her husband came into the Aga Thyme to pay the difference of what she owed on the Aga. He then had it installed to surprise her for Christmas. Katherine was thrilled to have 2 new members of her family!

    Her passion for the Aga has continued to grow and she has become one of Aga Thyme’s favorite demonstrators and cooking class teachers. People travel from far and wide to attend! Her knowledge of food, exuberant attitude, and passion for cooking is apparent to all who know her. We hope you will be able to attend some of her amazing classes!

    Please contact Katherine to discuss private cooking class arrangements:
    704 365-5455

  • Bernadette Franco

    La Cucina di Marco

    My name is Marco Lubrano and I was born and raised in the Northwest region of Piedmont, Italy.

    Since 1992 I live in the US. I started in Hartford, Ct and then since 2000 I am in sunny Charlotte.

    My hobby or should I say my passion is everything that rotate around the world of food. The cooking, the history, the culture, the legends, the wine intrigue me and every day I discover something new.

    In addition to cook at home for myself and for my friends, since early 2006 I do cooking classes in several location such at Hadco showroom, Aga Thyme and lately Paula Gillman store in Rock Hill.

    I teach a very simple concept: you can cook Italian at home with no stress. Easy recipes few fresh ingredients with great taste.

    How long I have been cooking? All my life if you count all the home made pasta that I did when I was a child in Italy.

    My dream is to have one day my own place for cooking classes, special dinner and event, etc.


    Marco Lubrano


    On request I do private dinners / classes at people homes.

    Contact Info

    For additional information you can reach me at


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